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روابط مفيدة

وزارة النقل

provides the services that cover this domain of investment opportunities, statistics, studies, analysis, in addition to a lot of important data and information.



قطاع النقل البحري المصري

The main tasks of the Maritime Transport Sector are the development of maritime transport facilities in order to cope with the world development in the field of maritime transport industry, the development of the necessary plans for regulating the world process in these facilities and achieving the optimal level of efficiency in order to serve the national economy.



بنك المعلومات بقطاع النقل البحري

Provides all information regarding the Maritime Transport Field.



هيئة ميناء الإسكندرية

Includes information regarding both Alexandria and Dekheila Ports, information concerning Alex Portic Development Project.



مصلحة الجمارك المصرية

It’s the official website of the Egyptian Customs Authority, provides all information related to Customs Authority.



بوابة الاستثمار المصرية

The Kingdom Agricultural Development Company (KADCO), a fully owned subsidiary of Kingdom Holding Company



المعلومات ودعم اتخاذ القرار

The studies and reports that are conducted by the Information and Decision Support Center include some of the most important economic and social issues. The abstracts and contents of the reports are available on the site. The site also includes relevant government websites, as well as relevant time series data.


مركز تحديث الصناعة

Main role is to provide consultancy, technical assistance, specialized advisory services as well as training, offering high quality, subsidised & customer-focused Business Development Services


الاتحاد العربي لغرف الملاحة البحرية

Arab Federation of Chambers of Shipping considered as a specialized Arab Federations working within the board of Council of Arab Economic Unity


الاتحاد الدولى لسماسرة السفن والتوكيلات الملاحية ــ الفوناسبا



اي ام او

International Maritime Organization Organization Dealing With Safety, And Many Other Issues, Mainly Hazardous Cargo.




The Baltic & Int´L Maritime Council Organization For Ship Owners And Operators Which Offers Members Information Services For Shipping Industry.



بورصة البلطيق

Global Market Place For Shipbrokers. An On-Line Exchange For Ships And Cargoes.




The World’s Largest Independent Supplier Of Maritime Information Services.



سجل لويد

Risk Management Solutions, Certification , And Classification



لويدز لندن

Brokers resources, Market Analysis, And Capacity Analysis.



لويدز المملكة المتحدة

Sources of Information For Insurance, And Shipping Markets.



ال ال بي المحدودة

Sources Of Information For Shipping Industry, Insurance, Law And Ships Information



البحرية لينك

Reporter Magazine of Daily News for Maritime Industry.



أصحاب السفن بالعالم

Magazine addressing Ship Owners issues.



ام ايه ار اس    البحرية المتنقله ونظام الاسترجاع

A database retrieval system developed by the International Telecommunication Union. This system allows the Maritime Community to consult the current contents of the master ITU ship station database.



الرابطة الدولية لهيئات التصنيف

International Association Of Classification Societies



جمعية موردون السفن الدوليه

International Ship Suppliers Association



رابطة انترتانكو

International Association Of Independent Tanker Owners.



الرابطة الدولية لمالكي سفن نقل البضائع الجافة

Represents interests of owners, operators and managers of dry cargo shipping, it promote a safe, high quality and efficient industry.



الاتحاد الدولي لرابطات وكلاء الشحن

Represents an industry covering approximately 40.000 forwarding and logistics Firms.



النظام الدولي للبحث والإنقاذ

Assist search and rescue activities on a world wide basis by providing accurate, timely and reliable alert and location data to the international community on a non – discriminatory basis.



سجل العالم

Searching for world sea ports’ links by countries, shipping companies, shipbrokers and ships’ database.



الغرفة الدولية للشحن

This site provides information regarding the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), the International Shipping Federation (ISF), news about regulatory and other developments affecting the international shipping industry. Various publications produced by ICS and ISF can also be ordered on-line.



انفورما البحرية والنقل

Gives you market-leading, essential information on key areas of transportation, freight, shipping movements, maritime insurance and much more.



الخدمة البحرية لهندسة المعلومات

Includes information regarding publication and meetings dealing with oil and gas exploration and production, offshore health, safety and environmental protection …



الدليل العالمي للشحن

Has now made this in-house filing system available to serve shipowner to keep track of all companies that service their fleet.



 الخدمات البحرية جي اند ايه

Seaport list compiled by Luis Andrade, general manager of non-liner trades for G&A Maritime Services.



موانئ البحر

The American Association of Port Authorities Seaports of the Americans page, lists a number of port-related businesses on the web.



قائمة لويدز

Lloyd’s List is the part of the worldwide business publishing group “INFORMA PUBLISHING GROUP”, Lloyd’s List has a long history and remains a leading on line international maritime newspaper pioneer; Lloyd’s List Online Information Source covers all the main maritime sectors, Logistic, energy, financial and trade/freight transport industry.



من خلال نادي النقل

World Leading Insurer of Cargo And Multimodal Transport.



باريس ام او يو

The paris Memorandum of Understanding



طوكيو ام او يو

The Tokyo Memorandum of Understanding.



البحر الأسود ام او يو

The Black Sea Memorandum of Understanding.



نادي لندن بي اند اي

London Protection & Indemnity Club



يخوت مان

yachts services



مشروع يوروميد للنقل

aims to facilitate cooperation between the 12 Mediterranean Partner Countries with the goal of supporting the development of the future Euro-Mediterranean Free Trade Area and promoting regional economic integration by improving the functioning and the efficiency of the Mediterranean transport system