Why do I need to become an ACS member?

The Chamber plays a major role in shipping community, it cares about the common benefits of the members and it represents them in front of Public authorities, as well as helping these authorities to develop the maritime industry and increasing its efficiency, Also the chamber helps the achievement of shipping work by communicating with equivalent chamber of shipping & local inter associations which their activities are similar to those of the chamber also it has the right to be a member in these associations, as well as Following up the development in maritime industry in general & collecting & classifying pieces of information related to this field & publishing them in order to make people benefit from it.

How to become a member at ACS?

To become a member at ACS you just need to fill the Below form and hand off the needed documents to our office in order to be reviewed by the ACS Board to be confirmed..Application

If I needed to ask any question or wanted to suggest anything concerning a specific committee, what shall I do? Or who shall I contact?

If you have any question you can contact us on our website:  www.acs.org.eg     or send us an e-mail on:  committees@acs.org.eg    –    info@acs.org.eg 

Phone numbers: 03/3925065 –    03/4972721

Fax: 03/3925065

From 9:00 am till 4:00 pm   Saturdays to Thursdays