Meetings of the Executive Committee and heads of committees

As a result to the meetings that have been held at the chamber with the heads of committees to gather the constraints faced by committees members , the executive committee held a meeting that gather the heads of the committees with Adm. Fathy Taha, vice-chairman of Alexandria Port Authority on Monday, 31/12/2012 at 11:00 am at the authority headquarters. The meeting was attended by:
Captain / Magdy Tawfik ,head  of the Shipping Agencies Committee
Mr./ Magdy El Bandarawy, head of the Customs Committee
Captain / Mohammed Sharaf, head of the Marine Activities Committee
Mr. / Mohammed Antably, head of the Multimodal TransportCommittee
Captain. Magdy presented and discussed the issues concerning the shipping Agencies. The most important issues were the working hours of the passport office in Dekhila port to be extended for 24 hours a day, where it was agreed with the Passports section manager on this. The second issue was the Quarantine Office within Dekhilaport and it has been agreed to reactivate the office.
They also discussed the issue of the lack of guides for big shiploads, Adm. EmadAuisha, head of the traffic sector stated that the reason for the shortage of guides is the retirement of workers and some workers will be promoted to fill the shortage in this category.

Captain. Magdy Tawfik declared  that the announced port draft differ from real  port draft and especially  dock 94-4, Adm. EmadAuisha ,head of the traffic section, the problem still persists and the port is being surveyed and dredged to return the draft to what it was.
With respect to thefts inside the port, Adm. Fathy Taha stated that the coordination is being in progress with the Port Police to stop the theft and that he cannot give them a promise to solve this problem completely because of the bad security situation of the country now.
During the meeting, they also discussed the extension of the vessels travel permits expiry date to be 72 hours instead of 24, where Adm. Fathy Taha and Adm. Emad Auisha declared that this issue should be discussed with the Maritime Safety Authority. Also the issue of the payment of fees related to resolution No. 430 in advance by the vessels shipping agents instead of container lines shipping agents. In this concern, Adm. Fathy Taha said that the authority has implemented a ministerial decision in this regard and there is no way to change it except with a new ministerial decision to cancel the first one.