Marine Works Meeting

On Tuesday 19/6/2012, the Marine Works Committee held a meetings to discuss the constraints collected by the committee members concerning what they face from the routine and bureaucracy in their dealings with the companies operating in Egypt ports as well as the sector supervisory bodies plus the requirements and procedures required in all ports to obtain daily,weekly, monthly or annually permits such as the certificate of criminal record, security verification,insurance….. Etc. They also discussed the problem of the differences in the value of customs duties for port entry that vary from port to another. The attendees demanded the validity for the port entry permit to bepermanent for all activities for all the companies and workers operating in the ports. The workers has been divided within companies into two types: permanent employment and temporary employment

Moreover, they discussed the problem of the validity of theactivity licenses in Alexandria asit is notapplicable in other ports and determine its duration so the companies must provide new fees and procedures annually.Consequently the attendees asked that the activity licenses to be permanent and valid unless the company stopped the licensed activity or announced itsbankruptcy.