Meeting of the Board of Directors Alexandria Chamber of Shipping with the members of the chamber shipowners

On 25.12.2012,the Chamber Board of Directors with its new its formation headed by Eng. Ahmed El Akkad held its first meeting with the shipowners to listen to their views. Eng. El Akkad mentioned the meeting which was held at the morning of the same day, with the Head of the Maritime Transport Sector regarding the position of the Egyptian fleet. He presented a memorandum mentioning the proposals that enables the raise of the fleet efficiency in line with Egypt’s maritime position as well as the national interests.

The attendees discussed as well the improving of the level of maritime labor to get out qualified cadres for the advancement of ship repair industry.

Eng. El Akkad pointed out the importance of participation and presenting the point of views during meetings that have been rescheduled with different specialties and will be activated during the next phase as to be:

The chamber is thebasic communication channel between its members and other various sectors in the field of maritime transport, especially the Maritime Safety Authority, the maritime transport sector and Port Authorities

Need more positive participation from the members to exchange and present their point of views

Study legislation in the field of ships owningand their suitability and then propose required amendments

Alexandria port must be an attractive area for work, especially in the field of stevedoring through providing opportunities to gather exporters and importers to ensure = direct communication between the owners of the goods and the Egyptians carriers.