The session of procedures of the Council of Alexandria Chamber of Shipping

Alexandria Chamber of Shipping Board Procedures Meeting

Referring to the decision of the Minister of Transport No. (599) for the year 2011 regarding the composition of Alexandria Chamber of Shipping Board of Directors of for its new period (2011/2015), the board memberswere invited on Saturday 10/12/2012 to attend the procedures meeting of its new formation  as follows:

The formation of the Board of Directors:

For each of the following positions: Chairman, Vice ChairmanGeneral Secretary and Treasurer:

It was decided the following:

1. Eng.  Ahmed El Akkad, to be the Chamber Chairman

2. Mr. Khaled El Bahtimy, to be the Chamber Vice Chairman

3. Eng. Fathallah Abd El Aziz, to be the ChamberGeneral Secretary

4. Mr. Walid Badr, to be the Chamber Treasurer

The formation of the Chamber Executive Bureau:

Mr. Khaled El Bahtimy, the Vice Chairman to be the Head of the Executive Committee.

The membership of:

1. Eng. Fathallah Abd El Aziz, theChamber Secretary General

2. Mr. Walid Badr, the ChamberTreasurer

3. Eng. Mohamed Hassan Abd El Qadir,theBoard Member

4. Captain. Tarek Shahin, the Board Member