Damietta Port

About Damietta Port

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Latitude: 28°31’N Longitude: 045°31’E     Time Zone: GMT +2 Unctad Code: EGDAM

Damietta Is A First Class TranshipmentPort ,Which Can Accommodate The New Generation Of Large Container Vessels (6,000 Teus And More ).Due To The Deep Draft 14.5 M.,And The Modern Stevedoring Equipments The Port Possess. In Addition To This, Vessels Can Enter And Leave The Port Any Time without Any Restrictions, So Vessels Transiting The Suez Canal Can Use Damietta Port Without Any Deviation Which Saves Quiet A Lot Of Time For Main Liners.

Approach Area:

Canal entrance: The canal is 11.3 km long and 300 m wide, this gradually decreases until it reaches 250 m at water break and 15 m depth.

Water Break:

The western waterbreak is 1640 m long, 140 m are in land and 1500 m in the sea. The Eastern waterbreak is 738 long, 200 in land and 538 m in the sea.

Barge channel:

It consists of two ports one is 1350 m that links the barges dock to the sea and other is 3750 m that links to the dock to the Nile branch. The area of the barge dock is 250 x 250 m and it is equipped with a berth of 250 m long where water depth is 5 m deep. Diameter of the rotation dock is 500 m and its depth is 14.5 m in front of the containers berth and 12 m in front the general cargo berths.